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Jason Scheff-Interview


Question #1: "Congratulations on your new solo album "Chauncy", what are your favorite songs off that album?"

Answer #1: "I know this will probably sound cliche but I love all of them. If I had to pick one or two I would probably say "You Found The One" and "Mah-Jongg"."

Question #2: "What are your other interests, outside of music?"

Answer #2: "I like to play golf when I have the time and ride motorcycles."

Question #3: "Do any of your songs relate to your life?"

Answer #3: "Yes, many of them do. Especially the ones on my album. "You Found The One" is about my wife and so is "San Felipe". "Stolen Years" is about my dad. Most of the songs on that album are about my life."

Question #4: "Do you have any future plans, such as another solo work, or West Coast All-Stars?"

Answer #4: "Actually, I'm considering doing another West Coast All-Stars album and eventually I will do another solo album but right now I'm just enjoying what's out there right now."

Question #5: "Please describe your experience in making the West Coast All-Stars work."

Answer #5: "We went in and did that album in a very short amount of time. Once again, Champlin was his usual brilliant self and had wonderful instincts on how to arrange the music. Joseph Williams had a lot to do with it also. Those 2 guys were very much in control of that project."

Question #6: "What were some of your favorite Chicago songs when you were growing up?"

Answer #6: "I loved "Just You And Me" and "Feelin' Stronger". Can you guess which album I loved? (g)"

Question #7: "What songs do you most like to perform in concert?"

Answer #7: "I like doing "Just You And Me". It's very musical and it gives us a chance to really stretch out during Walt's solo."

Question #8: "Did you always know you were going to be a musician, or did you have any other possible career plans?"

Answer #8: "I always knew I was going to be a musician. Actually, I thought maybe I would be a disc jockey at one point but that didn't last too long."

Question #9: "How did you feel when you officially became a member of Chicago, and what did they have you play for them?"

Answer #9: "I was ecstatic when I got the gig with the band. It was what you always dream of happening and when it finally does you just sit back and try to pick yourself up from the ground from fainting! When I auditioned I had to play "Hard Habit", "Inspiriation" and "25 or 6 to 4"."

Question #10: "What do you hope to achieve and pass on to others through your solo music, and music with Chicago?"

Answer #10: "To be honest and good to one another."

Question #11: "Is there any signifigance to San Felipe and the year 1992?"

Answer #11: "Yes, that's when Tracy and I were first going out."

Question #12: ""Bigger Than Elvis" is a beautiful song, did you play it for your dad privately before it was released? And how did he react?"

Answer #12: "I gave it to him as a Christmas present that year and he cried. He really loves that song."

Question #13: "What is your ultimate goal as a musician? As a person?"

Answer #13: "As a musician I hope to always grow musically and never become unteachable and as a person to always grow and never become unteachable."

Question #14: "What is your most rewarding accomplishment as a musician?"

Answer #14: "Probably when someone comes to me and tells me how my music has helped get them through rough times or help them celebrate something or just basically feel good about being on this earth."

Question #15: "What is your opinion of Scheff Salad, and how does it feel to be so admired?"

Answer #15: "I was and am so honored to have a group of people step forward and want to put in so much work and not get compensated for it. When the fan club formed it really was a strong message for me to follow all of my dreams. I am grateful for all my fans and want to thank them all. This is for you."



Thanks to Jason for taking the time to participate in this interview! Please e-mail your comments about "Chauncy" or the interview to, he'll be glad to hear your comments.










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